1oz Gold Philharmonic 2135 ea.
2023 Silver Eagle $44.95 ea.
1oz Silver Round $32.95 ea.

Kilo Silver Bar $899
US Silver Dollar $34.95
4oz .999 Silver Sacagawea
(Gold Plated) $199
1/1000 Goldback $7.95 ea.
1oz World Silver $39.95
Silver Marvel/DC Superheroes
1LB World Coins $19.95
In-Store Only
12oz Silver "Lego" Blocks $499
1oz Caribbean Silver $34.95
Historic US Silver Coins
Novelty Silver In-Store Only
Prices & Choices Vary
Prices & Choices Vary

NwPlaza Antique Coin Buyers

Where collectors come for a positive coin collecting experience. We are a group of independent coin collectors who opened shop in Vancouver, Washington USA to have a venue to buy/sell/trade and talk coins with other collectors. We offer fair market prices on coins you want to sell and always give free and professional coin valuations. See some of the coins we buy.

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